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High-Performance in Lower Temperatures

Winter Express is safe to use in all heavy-duty, diesel-powered equipment for on-road, off-road, and marine use. Designed for exceptional performance in #2 ULSD and biodiesel blends, Winter Express™ is a proprietary cold-flow improver blend containing wax modifiers, deicer, and wax anti-settling agents.

Better Cold Weather Performance

  • Heavy wax modifiers work to prevent wax crystals from bonding together and creating large molecules that plug fuel lines and filters.
  • Wax anti-settling agents keep wax molecules suspended throughout the fuel instead of dropping to the bottom and plugging fuel lines.
  • Deicers disperse water molecules to control ice formation throughout the fuel system.

Reduce Fuel Line Freeze-ups

Ideally, fuel would be free of all water. But the reality is that small amounts of water are always present. Problems arise when the water in fuel freezes. It can plug fuel lines and filters similar to the wax that forms when diesel fuel cools. Winter Express contains glycol ether deicers similar to those used in jet fuel. Glycol ether changes the freezing point of the water and provides freeze-up protection.

Winter Express Lowers Costs

Historically, a fuel’s cold filter plugging point (CFPP) was lowered by adding significant quantities of lighter fuels such as #1 diesel or kerosene. The resulting blend had a lower CFPP and fewer BTUs per gallon than fuel treated with Winter Express. Fuels treated with Winter Express are not only cost effective but also contain more BTUs than traditional blends, resulting in better efficiency and more miles.

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